How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Wyoming?

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According to LegalMatch, the cost of a divorce in Wyoming typically ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, including attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses. However, the total cost may vary depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the case.

If you are going to apply for divorce in Wyoming and want to figure out the approximate cost of marriage dissolution in your particular situation, you can check the information provided below for your reference.

Divorce Filing Fees in Wyoming

When filing for divorce, a petitioner has to pay a filing fee, which varies across counties and starts at approximately $85. If you cannot afford to cover the sum and associated court costs, you can complete the Affidavit of Indigency and Request for Waiver of Filing Fees and file it with the court. The court will review an application and supporting documents to determine whether you qualify for a fee waiver.

However, a filing fee is just a minor part of all divorce expenses. The most crucial factor impacting the cost of divorce in Wyoming is its type.

The Average Cost of No-Fault Divorce

Woman signs no-fault divorce papers in Wyoming
Choosing an uncontested divorce in Wyoming can be advantageous, as it often results in a quicker, more cost-effective resolution, provided both parties can reach agreements on key issues without significant conflict

On average, divorces based on mutual agreement cost between $400 and $600, given spouses do not involve lawyers in the process. When parties agree on all essential divorce-related issues, meaning they are applying for an uncontested marriage dissolution, they only need to cover a filing fee and document serving expenses. However, a defendant can sign the Acceptance of Service, so the other party won’t need to hire a sheriff or process server to deliver the papers. Thus, divorce costs can be reduced to a filing fee only.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Cost

Some couples choose a DIY divorce approach. In this case, they are solely responsible for document preparation, form filing, and other possible tasks arising during marriage dissolution. Typically, spouses decide on this option for money-saving reasons, trying to cut down expenses to the obligatory minimum of approximately $100-$150. Unfortunately, things may not work as planned if a couple makes mistakes in divorce forms and needs to fill out and file them again.

Cost of Divorce Online in Wyoming

Sometimes, spouses initiating an uncontested divorce may not want to deal with complicated paperwork. They can delegate it to trustworthy online services that prepare case-specific court-approved divorce forms. Such companies usually charge $140-$200 for their services, ensuring quick turnaround, error-free papers, and complete anonymity.

The Average Cost of a Fault-Based Divorce in Wyoming

A man consults a lawyer about his contested divorce.
Obtaining a contested divorce in Wyoming can be expensive, with costs varying based on factors such as legal fees, the complexity of the case, and the duration of legal proceedings.

How expensive is a divorce in Wyoming if it is contested? If spouses can’t reach a compromise on asset division, child custody and support, and other crucial points, their divorce is going to be pricey, with expenses potentially exceeding $15,000.

Since couples have to attend court hearings to present their claims, they usually hire attorneys to take care of legal matters and defend their rights. In general, divorce lawyer cost is the most significant part of a divorce price.

Divorce Lawyers Fees

The average divorce lawyer fees in Wyoming fluctuate from $150 to $360 per hour. More experienced attorneys or those working in urban or affluent regions usually have higher rates. So, the more time litigations take, the higher the divorce cost is. Therefore, it’s worth doing your best to turn a contested divorce into an uncontested one, which is possible without an attorney’s involvement.

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